COVID-19: A Full List Of Items You Need At Home – Dr. Laide

COVID-19: A Full List Of Items You Need At Home – Dr Laide

It’s no news that the COVID-19 pandemic is causing a lot of havoc in the world today, not leaving out Nigeria. Reports flying around that there might be a major closure/lockdown of markets in Nigeria (Lagos to be precise) and these might result in the scarcity of foods and other major household materials.


Since we understand that building a list of what to buy at home at this moment might be a bit hard and exhausting, we thought a guide on what to buy might help. All thanks to Dr. Laide for putting these lists together.

1. Nutrition

Dry foods :
– rice
– spaghetti
– pasta
– flour
– maize mill
– beans
– green grams
– powder milk
– long life milk (Has 5 months expiry)
– breakfast cereals
– etc

Kitchen supplies:
– salt
– sugar
– bottled dry spices
– ketchup ( Has 12 months expiry)
– cooking oil
– Water – drinking & cooking
– Water guard

For those with a kitchen garden space – seedlings for okra, spinach, scent leaf, etc

Avoid foods that need refrigeration

2. Medication

– Paracetamol
– Anti-diarrhoea meds
– Inhalers
– Other meds – Gout, Bp, Diabetes, etc
– Menstruation pain meds
– Functioning First aid kits, etc.

3. General sanitization & personal hygiene

– Pads
– Vinegar
– Jik
– Methylated spirit
– Masks
– Gloves
– Soap
– Portable/pocket sanitisers
– Water – laundry & bathing

4. Communications

– WiFi prepayment
– Phones airtime
– Cable TV prepayment

5. Energy & Light

– Extra prepaid electricity units
– Extra gas
– Charcoal
– Torches (chargeable elec & solar)
– Batteries
– Candles
– Matches/Lighters
– Generator
– Extra diesel for generator
– Cars at full tank

6. Finances

– Get hard cash (Cash At Hand)
– Float on Mobile Money
– Float on both debit & credit cards

7. Evacuation Plans

– Different scenarios.

8. Others:

– Key emergency, hospitals & security contacts
– Books
– Board games
– Drinks

Don’t forget that this a general guide – feel free to customize to your specific needs.

Other Safety Tips

Wash Your Hands Frequently

Regularly and thoroughly clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water. Washing your hands with soap and water or using alcohol-based hand rub kills viruses that may be on your hands.

Maintain Social Distancing

Maintain at least 1 meter (3 feet) distance between yourself and anyone who is coughing or sneezing. When someone coughs or sneezes they spray small liquid droplets from their nose or mouth which may contain the virus. If you are too close, you can breathe in the droplets, including the COVID-19 virus if the person coughing has the disease.

Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth

Hands touch many surfaces and can pick up viruses. Once contaminated, hands can transfer the virus to your eyes, nose or mouth. From there, the virus can enter your body and can make you sick.

Don’t forget to share this with your loved ones.

Thank you for reading through. I’ll be glad to hear your thoughts on this topic in the comments section! Your opinion matters.

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