ALMOST FREE: Grab The SECRET SAUCE "For Buying/Importing Samsung S8, Phones & Other Gadgets For
As Low As $50 From USA"

ATTN: After this class, don’t be surprised to see a Samsung S8 at $100 and some sellers might even sell for $50. That’s how confident I am!

Hello, this class might not be for you, if...

But if you belong to this set of people below...

Then this is for you, because...

The Business Model Is Easy To Understand and Straight Forward 

You don’t have to master one million things to make this work. You also don’t need experience (you do need to understand how to make it work though). But, unlike other business models, it is not complicated. Simply, search for Hot deals at cheap price, then sell high, and you’re in money.

It Doesn’t Require Huge Startup Capital To Start 

You can start with as little as #20,000 (I mean you can buy one laptop or mobile phone for $50 i.e 18,500 naira), and then reinvest your profits as you grow the business.

It Yields Unbelievable Profits Everyday 

If you know how to search for the right deals, you’re golden. I am talking profits of up to 1,500%! 

No Headache Selling the Gadgets 

Unlike Buying and selling of Shoes, Cloths, etc where you have to negotiate price with different buyers for a profit of 1,000 naira above, it’s totally different. I mean anyone who wants to buy a Samsung Note 8 won’t price it like buying cloths.

See for yourself...

Some of the goods...

Why this works...

This iPhone 11 Pro Max is presently sold between  N390,000 -N450,000 in Nigeria. 

This same phone is sold for N38,400 ($120.00), Pay N6000 to ship it to Nigeria.

Total spending N44,440 

Selling it on a popular website in Nigeria for at least N380,000 -N420,000. 

Thereby making N335,600- N375,000. pure profit from the transactions

What do you need to get started?

  • A smartphone 
  • Enough phone space
  • At least 1 hour per day to search for sweet deals
  • Whatsapp to reach out to the Agent
  • At Least 20,000 naira to buy your first gadget!

    Do you have this requirements? I believe you do. You’re good to go then!

What you will get in this class...

And yes... BECAUSE I WANT YOU TO SUCCEED, here is my GIFT!


Just so you know...

I will be limiting The SECRET SAUCE “For Buying/Importing Samsung S8, Phones & Other Gadgets For As Low As $50 From USA To ONLY 25 PEOPLE. 

Yes, you heard me! 25! 

Here’s why. 

You will agree with me that, attending to more than 25 people will require A LOT of WORK. 

Also, I don’t want this business to be over saturated! And looking at the fact that I want to give you quality attention, providing you with all the information you need, I WILL ONLY TAKE 25 PEOPLE & you can be part of them if you are LUCKY! 


Well, considering the fact that this will be an interactive online zoom class, coupled with other ebooks and materials, it won’t be wrong for me to charge at least #35,000 for this class

My Consultancy fee alone is 70,000 Naira per person, but I’m being generous here. I understand the condition of the country right now.

But I’ll do one better this time. 

To have access to this class, I’m asking you to pay just #5,000 today. 

Yes, Just 5,000 Naira Only!

Yes, for only #5,000, I will be teaching you everything I’ve learnt in this business and show you how you can get started immediately. 

And we have ONLY 25 Slots. 

Once they’re gone, they’re gone. 

To enroll for the class, click the ENROLL NOW botton.

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It's in your hands now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this business has been in existence for the past 5 years. Some Nigerians in USA saw the opportunity some years ago and built the business model by shipping orders on behalf of Nigerians from Ebay and some USA eCommerce website and from there they established this Business model.

Yes, I can assure you all agents that will be recommended to you are 100% sure. They also have a physical office in Lagos, Nigeria so you can go there with the right authority if they run away with your money. Also, I will provide a link for each agent so you can verify some of them have been doing this business for the past 5 years and you can also see testimonies from over 500 people they’ve done business with.

These agents have Nigerian account so you transfer the naira equivalence to their account. For instance, if a deal is worth $100 and the current exchange rate is 370, that means you’re transferring 37,000 naira to their bank account.

No, not at all. The agent will cover all these losses. Since some of them have been doing this thing for some years, they know their way around this. So you just pay the worth of the item and wait to pick it up.

You pick up in their respective offices in Lagos. If you’re not in Lagos, you can send someone you trust to help you pick it up or the agent waybill it to you anywhere you are in Nigeria.

The masterclass will be coming up on the 20th November, 2020. And it will be held on ZOOM.

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