In A World Of Network, What Are You Doing To Make Money?


As a researcher, I have studied and compared what works between extremely rich people and rich people. The difference most times is their network. How they are able to connect millions or billions of people is their magic. Analyze it yourself, what makes Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, etc far and fast richer than the likes of Dangote, Adenuga, Otedola? In my answer, I realized that the far richer people operate on an economy that connects people while the Dangote likes to operate on an industrialized economy.

Think the smart way — you know you can’t count the number of times you have linked two or more people together to either get some products or services? I know you can’t. Here is a piece of shocking news for you. When you order for Uber, who comes to meet you with his Car? Uber boss or a stranger? Who gets more money from that service (despite less or no work at all)?

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Now there is a picture in your head. The Uber boss makes (more) money from every Uber driver when they offer you driving service, anywhere in the world. The cars used are not his, he doesn’t know the drivers. When their Cars break down, it is on the drivers’ lost but when they are working, both the drivers and Uber boss are making money. The Uber boss might be taking coffee somewhere or playing games somewhere but his Bank account(s) keeps getting pregnant of money. Isn’t that the service you render for free? You help a person get a cab and you did that for free. Really? LOL

I think you know what to do if you’re not doing something about it already. Read the headline again.

Post credit goes to – Ibrahim A. Balogun, SMART EARN-TREPRENEURS

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